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About led strip of Longshine


About led strips

With LED strips by LSL,you can light every room that feels good.our LED products really can do it all;They make your furniture seems weightless,make your walls glow,provide stair lighting to make your home safer,and fill rooms with indrect,colourful light that reaches not just your eyes,but all of your senses.

Widely use of Longshine strip:

1.Indirect lighting:make your room with welcoming atmosphere with led sripe
2.LED background lighting for television.
3.use in bathroom,let light create your mood
4.LED Interior lighting in the Kitchen
5.use in Staircases,walkways,shelves and cupboards ,make your home safer
6.highlight the objects in your home,make your furniture weightless,moderm etc.
7.RGB color use in part decoration,creat shine effect etc.

Benefits of Longshine strip

1.Our LEDs are energy-efficient,long lasting and environmentally friendly not emit UV or infrared light,are free of mercury and can be recycled
3.Compact design,fit anywere and  with back adhesive,can easy to mount
4.colorful,you can find even most color of led strip
5.Flexible and cuttable,you can use it with any design of light
6.DIY use,easy for everybody.